Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

It’s a common knowledge that children learn from experiences and interactions with people and things. Here, at Kids Wonderland Academy, we believe that this is a very exciting time of discovery and learning. Our preschool program is designed to meet the cognitive, physical and of course, emotional needs of each child.

Kids Wonderland Academy features weekly classroom themes to help children learn through engaging in specific subject groups, such as math, art, dramatic play, sand/water play, science, language/writing, books, block building and social studies.


Our curriculum is both age appropriate and fun, it encourages creativity, interaction and development of social skills.

Our teachers understand the importance of being prepared for school. They are also very sensitive to the fact that each child develops at their own pace, this year before kindergarten. More than ever, we put importance on individual focus to work on areas requiring most help. The year round themed curriculum allows children to be challenged and promotes school readiness.

Our goal at Kids Wonderland Academy is to work with each child to become confident, successful, inquisitive and happy student, ready for the “Big School”.

Our Pre-k children will conclude their Kids Wonderland Academy experience with the graduation ceremony.


We feel strongly that children learn to communicate and cooperate as they participate in sports. Sport not only teaches coordination but also develops sportsmanship and promotes physical and emotional health.

In addition to allowing children to explore the outdoors and our inside gym on their own, we will also introduce sports such as soccer, basketball and dance, as part of our curriculum. Children will also participate in their very own “Kids Wonderland” Olympics.