Toddler Day Care & Child Care Program

They are not babies anymore, but they’re not quite preschoolers either. They are toddlers!

Children at this age are leaving the stage of dependency and growing into the stage of independence. The toddlers are starting to interact with their friends and express themselves more. Talking is not out the question!

In this time period, we want to develop and enhance the skills they have already learned, while teaching them so much more.

Our toddler room curriculum is set up similar to our preschool class, but on their age appropriate level.

Our weekly themes, which promote an understanding of the “real world” around them, will encourage interaction in the activities that include circle time with reading and puppets, pretend play, singing songs and art.

Exposure to shapes, numbers, colors and letters, will begin your toddler’s journey into the exciting world of learning opportunities. All activities are in a form of play, making them fun for everyone’s participation.

Be assured that this well thought out program will begin to build on the foundation of early literacy and social skills. It is also important to point out that our teachers encourage the growing independence of our toddlers with self-help skills, such as hand-washing, cleaning up after meals, participating in classroom cleanup and potty training.